This Tracker has been tracking the CoronaVirus cases since Jan/24, when total cases were 364 cases worldwide.

Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)



PHEIC LEVEL Response Score
No PHEIC National 12 or Less
PHEIC Level 1 National 13 - 18
PHEIC Level 2 Transnational (affected countries) 19 - 24
PHEIC Level 3 International (affected and neighboring countries) 25 - 30
PHEIC Level 4 Global 31 - 35
PHEIC Level 5 Global More than 35

Criteria 1 2 3 4 Score

CDC Travel Notices


Warning Level 3 Warning Level 3 (Red): Avoid all non-essential travel to this destination. The outbreak is of high risk to travelers and no precautions are available to protect against the identified increased risk.
Alert Level 2 Alert Level 2 (Yellow): Practice enhanced precautions for this destination. The Travel Health Notice describes additional precautions added, or defines a specific at-risk population.
Watch Level 1 Watch Level 1 (Green): Practice usual precautions for this destination, as described in the Travel Health Notice and/or on the CDC destination page.